About Us

Hello!  Welcome to our blog.  We are mamas living in Europe brought together by our passion for cooking, photography, entertaining and creativity in general.  After months of discussion about how we can save the world  or become food network stars we settled for reality and decided to fuel our passions into this blog.  Food is such an important part of life.  A smell and a taste can bring back so many fond memories.  Think back to your own childhood and you can probably recall favorites and comfort foods.
Another component to creating memories is ambience.  Life is meant to be celebrated and there is no better way to do it then by creating an enchanting environment where friends and family feel at ease, laugh and hold lively conversations over a delicious meal.

Each month we will host a party with a different international theme.  We will "travel" to a different part of the world and share that culture's dining customs, recipes and party decor ideas.

Born and raised in Colorado, I first left my home state when I met my husband. We lived in Hawaii for a year and that's where our first little monkey was born.  After she was born we missed home and moved back to Colorado.  After going back home for nearly two years we decided we still wanted a tad bit more adventure and made the big move to Germany!  We will only be here a few more years and the plan is to go back to the states.  But knowing us we could be anywhere.  Since becoming a stay at home mom I have been inspired and fallen in love with several different hobbies.  I love food. I love cooking. I love to travel. I love photography. Most of all I love to host and entertain. I was blessed with a creative gene and love to use it to create enchanting and memorable environments for friends and family.
My good friend Sommer has inspired me in many ways and between the two of use we should come up with some amazing party ideas!

My name is Sommer J, mother of 3 amazing, funny, children and wife of great man AKA CJ! I've been interested in cooking after seperating from the Air Force in 2004. It started very bumpy, like mistaking cloves of garlic for whole bulbs....we had some very garlicky alfredos!! But it's something I stuck to very adamantly and it's now my passion. I am constantly in "what am I going to make next" mode. Now that my children are a little older, as in only one is in diapers, I decided to add entertaining to my reportoire. You've seen Ina Garten and Giada De Laurentiis not only make amazing food, but also make sure there is a nice ambience like nicely set tables, beautiful plates, homemade knick knacks etc. So with this blog, along with my creative friend Becca, I am going to share both sides hopefully with a mix of elegance and fun. Thanks for stopping by.