Friday, February 4, 2011

Bollywood Party Decor

Dinner table
Besides the obvious of location and guest list, there are two main parts to planning a party: decor and food.
For this Bollywood inspired theme I used lots of bright pinks, oranges, purples and some blue.  Bollywood is supposed to be eclectic.  Bold.  Vivacious.  Bright.

As for any party or themed dinner I would recommend at least 4 weeks of preparation time.  That way, the day of the party, you are stress free and a happy little hostess. 

I started scouting out items about 3 weeks before the party date. For the table "linens" I actually used window treatments.  They were on sale and were the perfect colors.  The purple "tablecloth" is organza and provided a bit more of an elegant feature to the table.  The orange table runner is also a window curtain.  But guests don't have to know that.  When it comes to the table linens and placemats get as creative as you would like.  You could easily visit your local Hobby Lobby (miss hobby lobby so so so much btw!) and find a fabric in any color and/or material you like.

One of my favorite homemade party decorations is tissue paper pom poms.  They are so easy and cheap, yet add such a festive flair. 

The purple background on the wall is wrapping paper I found at a German dollar store.  I used it as a backdrop to the drink table.

Drink table

The paper lantern shown above is a glass vase wrapped in tissue paper. Isn't that just the cutest idea? I found the inspiration from Susan at Entertain Exchange.  I decided at the very last minute (literally about 2 hours before dinner) to try this idea out.  So my laterns are simply, but you can get as fancy and colorful as you want.


Besides flowers, colorful candles make for wonderful table displays and provide intimate lighting.


For the place settings I found some orange, pink and gold charger plates at the dollar store.  The napkins I had on hand from a trip to ikea I made last spring.  I was really happy to finally have a use for them :)

Place setting

I would have done name tags had we more guests or a group of people who didn't know eachother to well.  Go with what works best for your own dinner party.

Oh and one more thing, itunes has several Bollywood songs/albums you can download.  Music is just as crucial as lighting when it comes to setting the perfect ambience!

All in all is was such a wonderful night with good friends and delicious food.  Can't wait for our next dinner party!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Indian Feast!

Planning a dinner party with little ones around is no easy task. From a little get together with friends to an elaborate dinner party for a big crowd. It's a bit hard. But with some advanced planning, it is certainly doable!
Cumin seeds my favorite.
When Becca and I planned to have an Indian style dinner party, I was all excited and ready to go. Indian food is one of my favorite cuisines to eat and cook. From the sounds of the popping seeds, to the aromas of the warm spices with the fresh vegetables, the beautiful contrasts of colors with the red chillies with the green coriander/cilantro. It is a party in the kitchen while getting everything together. Then serving this glorious food and seeing the reactions from the guests is just phenomenal.
Toasting fenugreek 
Turmeric key ingredient color and flavor

For first dinner party, I made a total of 12 dishes from Thursday evening to Saturday evening. My kitchen was as crazy as it was fragrant, but the hard work certainly paid off. I planned my menu a week ahead; first I made the menu from past loves, to knew discoveries, to ideas I thought were original, and they were done and then some! Next I made a grocery list and double checked it twice. As I have cooked Indian food many times in the past, I had a lot of the spices on hand, but luckily there is an amazing Indian grocery store close to my home that sells fresh produce, seeds, and spice mixtures to fill in any blanks at an amazing price. If you live in the Heidelberg area PLEASE check out Masala. As I said, I made a total of 12 dishes and it all came to a whopping 100 bucks! I spent $60 at the commissary and about 28 euro on the economy which totals $100 or less! Was quite proud of that. What helped was that the menu was mostly vegetarian, I had half of the meat on hand, plus my pantry is stocked with seeds so it helped with costs. Since seeds stays fresher longer than pre-grounded spices, it lasts a lot longer. And you can easily ground seasonings with a spice or coffee ginder/mortar and pestle/plastic bag and a heavy kitchen item.

The Menu
So what did I prepare? Below is this the list of dishes, links and helpful tips. The BEST thing about Indian food is it gets better and better with time. Leftovers tastes better than freshly made!

Cheddar Curry Puffs- Can be made in advance and frozen for up to a month.

Homemade Samosas- I made this a day in advance. I made the dough fresh because I can not find spring roll papers anywhere. It was extremely easy, though! I placed them on damp paper towels, then covered samosas with lightly damp paper towels. I fried them the next day. They can also be fried in advanced and frozen as well.

Homemade Naan bread with garlic/nigella/coriander topping- I made the dough a day earlier, baked them fresh that night.

Butter Chicken- I marinated this a day in advance and cooked the morning of. I did not add the cream until it was time to warm it up and serve.

Green Bean Curry- can be made fresh or a day ahead! Add yogurt before heating up if prepared in advance.

Hokkaido Squash Stir Fry-  best fresh, but I made a couple hours in advance. Was even more tastier as leftovers, though!

Steamed Saffron Basmati- rinse rice and soak hours in advance.

Tadka Dal- this just gets better and better with time!

Coconut-Cardamom Rice Pudding- made a few days in advance. Add a lil coconut milk before heating up to serve!

Spiced Fruit Salad- let the spices and rind for fruit infuse the sugar syrup for a couple hours, makes great color and amazing flavor!

Almond-Cardamom Cookies- make a day in advance and don't let you little kids (or big kids aka husband/partner) see them!

Most of the recipes I made with no changes.

The Green Bean Curry I didn't use peppers because I didn't have any. The Almond-Cardamom cookies I substituted almonds for pistachios and added some vanilla (i am obsessed), the Hokkaido Squash Stir-fry I used Hokkaido instead of Butternut because I am flipping obsessed with Hokkaido Squash. If I were you, I'd make all of these, separately or altogether! 

Normal and toasty naan! Both garlic and butter
Dos and Don'ts
Learn from my triumphs and mistakes!

Do take photos of the finished food. Things do get hectic, but it only takes a minute! I learned from this heft mistake. I do this with most big dinners....but this will be the last. Especially as they will be documented, d'oh!

Do read the recipe thoroughly. I totally forked up my basmati by adding too much water for the last part of cooking. Looked more like saffron scented baby rice cereal.

Do buy food throughout the month of your dinner party. Last minute scramblin' aint sexy, cool, or good for stress-free party planning.

Do get down with your bad self

Don't be nervous. Your guests will appreciate your hard work!

Don't let your guests know if you made a mistake. They may not know that you made a mistake. Tell afterwards, though....if you want.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. A lot of guests are willing to help out!

I learned so much from the experience and will do it again in a heartbeat. Well, I actually will!! Look forward to next month's party! Please share your tips, thoughts and experiences in the comments below! I obviously have so much to learn! Thanks for reading, wish you all were there.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bright & bold color inspiration

The girls night in Bollywood party is in 2 weeks.  The design elements are coming together and I'd like to share my inspirations thus far.  I'm absolutely in love with the bright, vivacious colors of Indian themed parties.  I've also been searching morrocan themed parties for inspiration because they also draw from very bold and colorful color palettes.  I'm infatuated with the union of bright oranges, hot pinks, golds and torquises.  The colors just go so well together and by default envoke feelings of happiness and energy.
I love the warm colors and earthy elements of this table from 20 Minute Supper Club
This center piece from Hostess with the Mostess is gorgeous and so easy to create!
The pinks and oranges are so fun and festive.  Love this table from Home in Fusion.
Though this table design from Life of Tees uses a different combination of colors, I still love it.  I love the symmetry, goblets and candlesticks.
This dessert table is nothing less than extraordinary and I'd expect nothing less from Amy Atlas.  The deep purples combined with the oranges and browns is beautiful.

Looking forward to a trip to ikea this weekend!

Monday, January 10, 2011

You're Invited!

You’re invited!  To our first ever virtual dinner party hosted by your gals, The Traveling Hostesses.
It is our goal to take the worry and fret out of party planning.  Each month we will feature a theme based on an international holiday or culture.  We want to share our creativity, planning process and delicious recipes to help people see that home entertaining IS manageable and IS really fun!!
We would love to hear ideas from readers for recipes and décor, so please contact us and you could be featured at our dinner party J
The idea is at the end of the month all of you will be invited to the dinner party where all the final ideas will come together.  It is our goal to plan an agenda, provide printable party decor, crafty party décor ideas, activity suggestions, music suggestions and of course fabulous recipes recommendations from Sommer.  Miss Sommer is very talented in the kitchen and is my on call chef when I’m in a panic.  She will provide tips for making the food part of entertaining much less stressful.  So fear not!  You can break out and be the domestic goddess you really want to be.
The theme this month is Bollywood.  Bright, colorful, vivid.  Something to brighten up the cold winter blues!  We are doing this dinner party as a girls night in so it will feature lots of bold pinks and oranges as well as fun activities for the night.
Later this week look forward to a printable planning agenda, some printable party decor and a tasty recipe!!
-Becca & Sommer
Your hostesses