Friday, February 4, 2011

Bollywood Party Decor

Dinner table
Besides the obvious of location and guest list, there are two main parts to planning a party: decor and food.
For this Bollywood inspired theme I used lots of bright pinks, oranges, purples and some blue.  Bollywood is supposed to be eclectic.  Bold.  Vivacious.  Bright.

As for any party or themed dinner I would recommend at least 4 weeks of preparation time.  That way, the day of the party, you are stress free and a happy little hostess. 

I started scouting out items about 3 weeks before the party date. For the table "linens" I actually used window treatments.  They were on sale and were the perfect colors.  The purple "tablecloth" is organza and provided a bit more of an elegant feature to the table.  The orange table runner is also a window curtain.  But guests don't have to know that.  When it comes to the table linens and placemats get as creative as you would like.  You could easily visit your local Hobby Lobby (miss hobby lobby so so so much btw!) and find a fabric in any color and/or material you like.

One of my favorite homemade party decorations is tissue paper pom poms.  They are so easy and cheap, yet add such a festive flair. 

The purple background on the wall is wrapping paper I found at a German dollar store.  I used it as a backdrop to the drink table.

Drink table

The paper lantern shown above is a glass vase wrapped in tissue paper. Isn't that just the cutest idea? I found the inspiration from Susan at Entertain Exchange.  I decided at the very last minute (literally about 2 hours before dinner) to try this idea out.  So my laterns are simply, but you can get as fancy and colorful as you want.


Besides flowers, colorful candles make for wonderful table displays and provide intimate lighting.


For the place settings I found some orange, pink and gold charger plates at the dollar store.  The napkins I had on hand from a trip to ikea I made last spring.  I was really happy to finally have a use for them :)

Place setting

I would have done name tags had we more guests or a group of people who didn't know eachother to well.  Go with what works best for your own dinner party.

Oh and one more thing, itunes has several Bollywood songs/albums you can download.  Music is just as crucial as lighting when it comes to setting the perfect ambience!

All in all is was such a wonderful night with good friends and delicious food.  Can't wait for our next dinner party!